Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chistmas Card Designs 2011

So it appears the blog has suffered a dry spell the past month. But believe me, the lack of blog posts did not equal a lack of sessions. With an average of 4 to 5 sessions per week, I have been swamped and the blog has suffered as a result. I have done pretty well keeping up with client previews on the facebook fanpage, so you can always check them out here.

But, let me get to the purpose of this particular blog post: Christmas! Christmas, you ask? But it's only October, not even Halloween yet! Well, my love of Christmas coupled with my clients' apparent love of Christmas has prompted an early release of Christmas card designs this year. Not one week has gone by the last month where I haven't been asked about this year's card designs, so here they are!

Modern Chic...

 (click to view larger)

And Shabby Chic...

(click to view larger)

And to give you even more choices (or make it even harder for you to choose if you're like me!) I'm again offering last years' designs.

The Peace and Love Collection...

(click to view larger)

And the Black and Bright Collection...

(click to view larger)

 All designs are 5x7 two-sided flat cards. They are press printed on linen paper and include envelopes of course! Please contact me at for pricing.

If you got your photos taken by me this past year and would like to order Christmas cards, choose your design, the photos you'd like to utilize, and we'll get some custom one-of-a-kind Christmas cards ordered for you!

All I need to know is what collection and design number you want {example: Peace And Love, design #3} and what photos from your session you wish to use. Or if you'd like help deciding, let me know and I can give you my opinion too!

Tis the season to start ordering your Christmas cards from Sanders Photography And Design. Don't wait til' it's too late!

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