Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bonita Boutique / Boys Rock Commercial Shoot

I was recently able to do a shoot for Bonita Boutique, a manufacturer of children's clothing and accessories. What made the shoot even more special is that I got to work with my own son, five-year-old Cooper, who modeled some designs from the company's newest venture, 'Boys Rock.' This new division exclusively for boys will be launching soon at the following website:

I had so much fun doing this shoot with my natural born model. Really, Cooper not only does all of his own posing with virtually no direction, but he LOVES to be in front of the camera. I may be biased, but I do think I see a future in modeling for Cooper if he'd like! Isn't he handsome...

I know, I know. Referring to your own son as handsome and a natural model in a public forum. Can I get any more boastful?!? But I just can't help it. This boy
does rock!

As do the clothes, with the rockin' music-themed graphic print all over the back of the vest and tie. Words like 'rif, gear, gain, pitch, overdrive,' so cool! Because really, what little boy {or girl for that matter} doesn't dream of actually playing that cool guitar someday and rockin' for real!

Thanks for choosing me to shoot your new line, Boys Rock! We had a rockin' time doing it!

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