Monday, November 22, 2010

Newborn Ava

It's no secret that I love babies. I'd better, right...I do have four of my own! I was privileged to be able to take photos of my new cousin, Ava. She was born six weeks early, just a little peanut. But oh so beautiful. Ava's parents were recently able to take her home, where I was happy to take photos of her. She gave us quite a challenge, peeing, etc., all over the place...on the bed, on the props, on the floor, on mom and dad. But those are the things that memories are made of, right!?!

Alexa and Payton, I am so happy for you two! The Lord has surely blessed you with Ava, and she is equally blessed to have parents such as yourselves. Enjoy her! Before you know it, she'll be walking and talking....hopefully not talking as much as her big cousin, Chloe ;)

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